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Do you sometimes feel depressed or angry for no apparent reason? Do you ever act in ways you later regret? Do fears or insecurities undermine your confidence and keep you from achieving what you want in life?

What is the absolute, single source of your problems? As revealed in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard, each one of these situations has a common source: the reactive mind.

A deeply hidden and previously unknown part of your mind, the reactive mind records and stores all of the painful experiences you have gone through and then uses them to control and influence your emotions and behavior, without you even knowing it.

Why do you need Dianetics? Most people operate at only 10% of their potential. Dianetics helps you eradicate the source of what is holding you back—it’s the only thing that does. By learning and applying the book, you will no longer just “cope” with problems or unwanted behavior, you will get rid of them. Permanently.

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